Thursday, August 30, 2007

Book Study: The Divine Dance by Shannon Kubiak Primicerio

Well I've decided to do a spotlight on a book my mom and I are going through...I'll post some exerpts that really stand out to me (of course knowing me that might be a whole chapter at a time XD) So I hope you enjoy...The Divine Dance by Shannon Kubiak Primicerio. In this book there are so many illustrations that just make things so clear and give you a new perspective on things it's just amazing! The first question this book asks is: "If the world is your stage, who are you performing for????" WOW!

Tonight I am posting the Forward by Robin Jones Gunn author of the Christy Miller series (and much more).

'All the fairy tales are true, you know. There is a real Prince. He came from the vast kingdom of His Father with one purpos: to woo and win His long-sought-after bride. One day, He will return to carry her away, adn they will be together forever. Thousands of stories, movies, and songs tell this story. All of them have borrowed the theme from one book: the Bible.
Several years ago I was on a live radio interview where the host started by saying, "How can you call yourself a Christian and write 'romance' novels?" In that moment (after gulping mightily), I had a piercing thought.
"It's because when i was in high school I read a book that changed my life," I answered. "In the first few chapters everything falls apart and you think they're never going to get back together. About three-quarters of the way through the book, He moves heaven and earth to prove His love for her, and still she won't come wholeheartedly to Him. But finally - in the last chapter - He comes riding in on a white horse and takes her away to be His bride and live with him forever."
The radio host scoffed. "How could a book like that change your life? It sounds like a formula romance novel to me."
I grinned and said, "Really? That's funny - because I was talking about the Bible. There's a white horse and everything!"
The host froze. Radio listeners everywhere caught nothing but dead aid.
"It's all true," I said plainly. "God is the Relentless Lover adn we are His first love. He never gives up because He wants us back."
We cut to a station break rather abruptly, and the radio host looked at me through teary eyes. "You're right. I never saw it that way before."'

That's not all of it but I thought that would give you a taste of what's to come. That ^ floored me...I knew the Bible was a love letter to us but I'd never thought of it as how Robin Jones Gunn described it. How amazing.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

ASL and other things

I'm really liking my ASL class, it is definately challenging but my teacher has quite a sense of humor so I really enjoy it. I just got out of lab a few minutes ago. It only took me about a half-hour to get the rest of my lab work done! (The lab closed last night and I only had a little left to do so mom dropped me off at CPCC to finish while she goes for a meeting)

School has been going pretty well and I like most of it :) I'm still not quite sold on Writing Strands or Home Ec(I have to build a house) but I'm still lovin it!

I am getting really excited about the spring semester of dance. I'm still trying to narrow down my choices for songs and then I have to combine my songs with Melly's songs and we'll have to choose from them. I think that it will be so much fun! Right now we're looking at 14 it shouldn't be that bad.

Well I'd better get off the computer and let someone else on and I'll go read the 2 books I (wisely) brought :) Thats all for now I'll post more later.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Well tonight was my first CPCC class. My ASL teachers are both completely deaf so we're diving right in. :) I'm excited and nervous too. Not much else to say!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Babysitters Diary: Entry 2

Well this morning, I was awake earlier than everyone else! The Y's have been sleeping in lately so I enjoyed the half-hour of quiet! :) Now Liam is playing with blocks and running around crazy :) lol! Anyway...we're fixing breakfast (waffles and bacon) that will be ready in a little bit. On with the day I say! I'll post more later :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Babysitters Diaries: Entry One

Okay...this is what I'm calling the Babysitters' diary. You see...I'm going to be babysitting pretty much the whole weekend :) I'm currently at the Y's where I just got done watching HSM2!!! I loved it btw...anyway so I figured that I would post my activities and even let the kids post something now and again :)

Today: Friday August 17, 2007 beginning at 4:30pm
Arrived :)
fixed Liam dinner: butternut squash casserol, chicken, rice, and carrots, with applesauce for a bedtime snack and fixed barbecue chicken on a salad and rice for me!
watched VeggieTales with Liam for 1 hour
put him in the bath and let him play around :)
tucked him in and read him a book and prayed with him
proceded to watch HSM2 :)


Thursday, August 9, 2007

What's with all the music?

Okay so I better explain why I've been posting music lately...

There are days when I am completely speechless(yeah it really happens) and struck dumb by God's wonder and awe...and I cannot put to words what I want to say, music and lyrics say it for me. My words cannot even begin to do justice to praise God how I want to praise him. I am totally useless to praise him how he deserves.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Some of the best Southern Gospel songs

This is the Martins singing Except for Grace...this is the coolest song...and how true.

This was the Isaacs a really long time ago but what a fun song it's called Reaping in the Spirit. :)

This is the Booth Brothers singing He Saw it All...This is the neatest song! Here are the lyrics to the chorus.

"I was trying to catch the cripple man
Did he run past this way?
He was rushing home to tell everyone
What Jesus Did today
And the mute man was telling myself and the deaf girl
He's leaving to answer God's call
It's hard to believe
But if you don't trust me
Ask the blind man, he saw it all"

Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Last First Day

Well, tomorrow is my last first day of highschool. I can't believe I've come this far.

I'm hoping that the Lord will really show me where I'm supposed to go this year. I hope that my relationship with God will grow and I pray that my relationship with my family and friends will also grow stronger.

This year I hope that I will have lots of oportunities to befriend non-Christians and I pray that God will be able to reach many people through me.

This year I want to learn so much and grow towards being a wonderful homemaker. I pray that God will help me be diligent and give me much grace to keep going when it gets tough.

I pray for this year, my last year of highschool...that it would be a great year.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Carter!

Well my nephew turned one 2 weeks ago and we went to his party on camera decided to die so I had to grab some pictures from my sisters blog :) So here he is!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

There's No Place like Home

What a week! Oh so busy. So far, I've spent a grand total of 26 hours in my own home. I never want to do this again but I suspect there will be many more weeks like this one. When I came home Wednesday night my dad asked "Who are you and why are you in my house?" He was joking but that's exactly what it felt like! :) The only reason I am posting this late is that I cannot sleep and I felt like writing something. But I am SO going to sleep now! Nite!

When you realize you are all alone
The first thing you say is There is no place like Home
~an original couplet by Chels :) composed at 12:04am :)