Saturday, January 19, 2008


Well, yet another dance camp has come to a close. Tonight was very special for me. I told you yesterday that the theme for this winter camp was "Fragrances of the King" Well, tonight we learned the 7 fragrances meanings and were anointed with them and prayed over. It was certainly astounding to me that each prayer that was prayed over me was relevant in some aspect of my life. And the people who prayed over me don't know me this is truly God at work in my life. Over the past three days, I was able to experience God in so many ways.

Anyway the 7 fragrances and their meanings:

Cassia: Kingly humility; Overcoming life
Aloes: Costly Worship
Henna: Emotional tenderness
Cedar of Lebanon: Strength; permanence; wholeness; restoration
Myrrh: Death to self; purification; preparation
Frankincense: Holiness; sacrifice; intercession
Spikenard: Intimacy; extravagant worship; passionate worship; pure; light; fire of love

Well, that's my night...I am so thankful for the opportunity to participate in this event...I am so blessed by my friends at dance camp.

Anyway, I took two classes today, Ballet and Dancing with Intention...using your spiritual gifts in the dancers life. Daryse taught ballet and it was amazing how much came back to me since I haven't specifically done classical ballet in about eight years :) But surprisingly I'm not sore! :) And then Yvonne taught about spiritual gifts...I love how Yvonne, though a long time dancer, is still first about the Lord and second about dance. So anyway...thats all for now.

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