Thursday, February 7, 2008

Signing at the Mall

Well, Becca and I went to Northlake Mall today...we've been trying to get together for a while now and finally worked it all out! We had lunch at the food court where we talked and taught each other signs in ASL. Then we had a wonderful time walking around, window shopping. We hardly talked the entire time we were together.

We went into several stores and talked...erm, signed about the clothes and accessories. It was really funny because the employees would come over warily and ask if we were looking for something specific and then I would say something like "oh no we're just looking thanks" and they would be TOTALLY was really funny. So we just hung out and signed to each other and laughed at ourselves for almost 2 hours...sooo much fun.

Anyway, so now I'm just hangin at home...maybe later i'll see if I can talk my parents into watching a movie or something with me :P

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Emily said...

Sounds fun! Wish I could've been there. Maybe we three can go again some time. :)