Thursday, March 6, 2008


Lately I've been thinking about the grace of God evident in my life. Things that happened long ago are being revealed day by day as God's grace. I constantly have to remind myself that God knows what He's doing and He knows that I'm going through something tough or that I'm celebrating an answered prayer. One thing I struggle with a lot is being anxious. My dad said the other day that by the time I admit that I'm afraid or fearful of something, its gotten to the point where I'm anxious about it or worry about it whenever I think about it.

This Saturday I have to take a practice SAT...yes its a practice and therefore not as big of a deal as the real thing but its a test and the phrase 'SAT' strikes "fear" into my heart. Its a test...I don't like tests...and its a big test too. I don't want to disapoint my parents or myself by not doing well and I fear the thought that I might not finish my essay in time or that I would completely flub up the math and science portions of the test. I know that God will be with me while I'm taking the test but for some reason that thought isn't all that comforting...but why is that? The Bible talks a lot about being anxious and how its quite silly to worry because not even the birds worry because they know that God is taking care of why is anxiety such a big problem for us? It doesn't make any sense! So thats something I've got to work on...that and remembering how to solve for X and the chemical formula for sodium :P
Night yall!

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Anonymous said...

I totally know you feel.!! Just take it slowly everything will be good.. I promise..: )