Friday, March 7, 2008


ok I totally laughed when i saw this...nothing like a good laugh to relieve stress :)

my dad has finally started his book...yes his BOOK. most of you have heard his philosophy "Eat Dirt And Live" and him joking about writing a book for all the germophobes to read lol...well he finally started it, and its sooo good! he tells his stories about growing up and talks about the biblical basis for his idea. its pretty cool how it all ties in together...speaking of books, i finally got my laptop back so the work on Marisol's Rose is starting up again YAY!!! maybe this time I'll actually finish it :)

anyway...thats all for now, pray for me tomorrow!!! (I came down and asked mom if I could just admit that I'm retarded and skip the whole SAT thing...she said no lol but this test might prove it lol)

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