Thursday, April 24, 2008

First Day at CFA

Well, I just got home from my first day at CFA (that rhymes!!!!) I worked a 6 hour shift from 3-9pm (and ya want to know whats really funny...i've probably never worn shoes that long in my entire life!!!! lol) I work Friday from 3-10pm and Saturday from 4-closing which is probably like 11pm. Tonight they had me working the cash register and that was really fun!
About 20 minutes before I clocked out I was starting to get really tired and once i said "here's your nemolade sir" instead of lemonade...everyone(including myself) got a real kick out of that one lol!!!! But all in all it was a really fun night and I'm excited to go back tomorrow! It gets really crazy sometimes and you have to kind of dance your way through the kitchen but it was really fun! The people I work with are all really fun and so helpful! Well I better get to bed since I have to babysit before going to work tomorrow!

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Emily E. said...

That's cool! Glad you first day went well!