Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chick-fil-A (Initiation and other stories)

Haha well, I spose i'm part of the family now at CFA...I was initiated (in part from what I hear) last night haha. Afterwards, Matt goes "when everyone teases you that means they like you...so now you're part of the family!"

Anyway, so while I was cleaning trays in the kitchen, Berto sneaks up behind me and stuffs a handfull of lettuce down the back of my shirt (it was wet and COLD!!!!) they all got a GREAT laugh out of that one :P and after I fixed my shirt (lettuce-free this time) Matt scolded Berto for being mean all the while having Ice in his hand which he promptly dropped down the back of my shirt and saying "Now THIS is mean" and running off...everyone was laughing so hard I thought for sure we'd have to call the paramedics on a couple of them :D After, Jared was telling me that Matt does that to everybody and Josh (standing right behind me) goes "He's never done that to me!!!" and Jared was like "well he only does it to the people he likes" hahahaha I thought I was going to DIE laughing!!!! (Poor Josh haha)

I was cleaning up the dining room with Matt where I heard about several other fun things...like if they clean up the kitchen, they have wars with the little cherry tomotoes lol or they have wars with the spray bottles or towels :D (This is going to be fun!)

all of my co-workers have figured out that if they come up behind me, poke me or throw something by my head, i'll jump a bazillion feet so they loooove to do this and lately i keep getting teased by all the customers who call me Chelsea Clinton (augh!) but mostly we just have a TON of fun (as mentioned above lol)!!!! i love the people i work with! they're all nut jobs (i guess thats why I fit in haha)

oh my gosh the other day like 4 guys come in and they were laughing and carrying on and they all had on t-shirts with different sportz team names on them...me being me said something about how cool it was that they could still be friends even if they rooted for different teams...the entirety of the guys behind front counter with me started laughing...carlos actually had tears in his eyes he was laughing so hard and i'm totally oblivious...the guys were cracking up too. Turns out that all the teams were different sportz and leagues! baseball, and football teams 2 minor 2 major and i was totally clueless! but the guys thought it was pretty funny and every time they came to get refills they would try to quiz me (I have a really good excuse though which i use quite often...i have no brothers!!! haha) oh i love my job!!!!!!
Well anyway, I've got to get ready to go babysit and then the last Dance!!!

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