Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ok, So I need to post more...

I guess the title says it all...I need to post more, but these days all it seems that I have to talk about is Chick-fil-A and I know no one wants to hear any more of the crazy stories but too bad because I've got a fun one =D Last one for a week, I promise =D
Ok so basically I've worked every single day this week except Wednesday and I was at CFA on Wednesday to change the schedule so I could work for this other girl who needed off Friday...anyway so I've been at CFA every day :P
On Monday (Mondays are ALWAYS slow) we were just hanging out because everything was stocked and it was only about 30 minutes before we 9:30 guess who walked in the door? the ENTIRE Presbyterian College Baseball Team comes in and they are very hungry lol!!! So Jared and I took the orders of about 50 guys on 2 registers lol!!! So that was an interesting surprise =D
Anyway, I'm sooo excited to see Bob Kauflin tomorrow! I haven't seen him since Celebration 2003 so that's 5 years huh?
Today a few of us got together to go see Prince Caspian...Eric and Melly Rose D, Nathan D, Brandon Calvert and Josh and Jordan Heath. We had a great time!!! (With the exception of getting up at 7:30 on a SATURDAY...I had a blast lol) So anyway, I've got to get ready for's going to be a late night again tonight...Next week I'm only working 3 days -.- so it's going to be slow. Anyway that's all for now!

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Morgan said...

heehee, i love your CFA stories! glad you had fun at the movie, i thought it was great!