Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On The Other Hand...

Today I feel like Tevye from Fiddler On The Roof...anyone who has watched this movie knows that Tevye is always debating with himself and one of his most commonly used phrases is "On the other hand..."
Today for me, I'm debating my future...what I should do, because now that I'm on the doorstep of graduation and full-time college is looking me in the face, I'm doubting myself, my ability, and my choices. Many have heard me say "Yes, I go to CPCC and this fall I'll be in the Interpreter Training Program and after another 2 years at CPCC I'll transfer to Gardner Webb or UNC-Greensboro." But now I'm not so sure...I can't decide if its just nerves or if this is that still small voice telling me that this isn't where I'm supposed to go.
I'm thinking about taking a break from CPCC this fall and starting up again come Spring 2009 but, I'm afraid that I'll forget what I've learned! But if I do this, I can work full time and save up some money to take a class in the spring.
ON THE OTHER HAND....if I go ahead and enter the be a certified interpreter you HAVE to have a 4 year degree...I'm not sure I want 4 years of college and to spend money on something I can't really use in the work world...I'm not sure thats the smartest least right now. Which leads me back to my first option...but then again this is confusing so I'll drop it =)
And work....I'm still loving it, I met Ms. Tammy today when I went in to get someone's phone number and change the schedule...Today is the only day I'm not working...but I was there today so technically I'll have been there every day this week =D haha. Gotta go work on some stuff!

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