Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Busiest Week EVER =D

Well last week was one of the busiest weeks I've ever experienced...but possibly one of my favorite (at least this year!!!) The week started out mostly with Dance Camp...

On Friday, the studio at CPCC was locked and so while we were waiting for security to get there, Jeff Lewis (one of the teachers) got creative and we made all these cool formations...aka we climbed the walls =D

Torie, Greylan and Daniel...Greylan is the guy who works at CFA with Anna Emily and Wes, knows me from Dance Camp, and knows a guy I work with at my CFA, and also is cousins with Torie, my old ballet teachers' wacky is that?! :D
Grace doing a dance move

Chloe is the one in the blue at the mirror, who choreographed Raise It Up for us...I'll try to post it later...its really cool

Then, on Friday after getting home from Dance Camp, I went to the Freshman/Sophmore M28 Retreat! We had sooo much fun! We went up to Cedar Mountain and stayed at the Tera Nova Center (or at least I think thats what it was called) I rode up with Anna and Emily, Tyler and Tim...and I rode home with Anna, Elissa, Keri and Tyler...we had some crazy conversations
and some really good and thought provoking conversations too. Saturday we went hiking (haha i bet you can't imagine me hiking but I did!!! I even swam under a waterfall although I wasn't brave enough to jump off like others) But I'm really excited to be in M28, just spending time with the Interns was really neat and I'm really excited to help the vision of M28
Elissa and Anna
2 of the 4 waterfalls we visited
All in all it was a pretty fun week...finished up by going and hanging with all my CFA people at the Team Appreciation Picnic...we had some good times =D Now if I could only get about an extra 8 hours of sleep tonight, I think I'll be close to catching up =D Thats all for now!

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