Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I figured I should post

Yes I know, I never post enough...and again its the middle of the night. =)

Some random facts about my day today:
I woke up at a sinful hour to go to the orthodontist
After that, came home and slept until 5 minutes before time to leave for my 12:30 class.
Wnt to math class and found out I have one of the highest grades in the class!!!
After class, I talked to two of my math class people Jevonnah and Jason(aka Frank) about the computer class we are all taking (mine is an online short though) for a while...they think I'm some genius kid...hahaha I told them to talk to anyone who knows me well :)
I worked 7 hours tonight...and talked with Berto after work about CJ Mahaney's book "The Cross Centered Life" I gave him the spanish version of the book yesterday and he's already read 3 chapters! :)
And then I spent the rest of the night up until now factoring trinomials...oh the joys :)

Haha so there was my day in snapshot :)

So there was my post for the week lol (or month as it may be lol) I'll try to do better but you know me! Anyway, I'm off to catch some Zzzz's...those little boogers are really hard to catch ya know :) night yall!

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