Wednesday, November 5, 2008

my two cents (or is it sense)

Well, its over with...Election 2008 is over and Barack Obama has been elected into office. Like most, I am concerned with the future and what our country will go through. But one thing I know for certain, I know that God is in complete control and he has Obama in the White House for a reason...a reason that we can't see at this time. I know that before God created the world, he knew Obama would be elected and yet he still created the world...its like the Bible says, "for everything there is a season" and we can endure anything for a this case, our season is just 4-8 years. Who knows, maybe Barack Obama will be just what we need, or maybe God had him elected so that we, God's children, would be concerned and draw even closer to God through prayer. Whatever the reason, I know God is at work and I know that I can be content and rest in the fact that God is in control, no matter who is in the White House.

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Marissa said...

Great points, Chelsey. :-) Thanks for posting!

(And I like your new layout!)