Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ta da!!!!

Well, here I am, at CPCC writing this on my brand new laptop! I got it yesterday and it's sooo cool! It does all sorts of things and I love being able to work on my homework in my room and listen to music on it and a million other things!

Anyway, I had soooo much fun last friday night, Josh, Shawn, Alex, Kathy, Melly and I all hung CFA ppl and I went to CiCi's for dinner and Melly joined us at the movies a little bit later...we went to see HSM3 (of course!) and it was really good...much better than the 2nd one! (yes it sounds corny...but who cares)

And the coffee house on thursday was a BLAST!!!! I'll have to post pictures a little bit later

anyway, i gotta get to math class...lab quiz today and then mission28 BIG MEETING tonight!!! yahoo! (AND this is my 130th post!)


Adam Davis said...

awesome! it sounds like you've got a busy life right now. congrats on 130 ;)

Emily said...

coolio! Laptops are awesome!!