Saturday, February 7, 2009

the coolest thing......

Saturdays at work we're always short in the kitchen because our two girls, Maru and Carmen are off at night. So normally Zach or Lucy work in the kitchen, but TONIGHT!.....I got to work in the kitchen for the first official time! I ran screens and fries and nuggets and strips! it was so neat! I even closed back there....this may not sound like breaking news to you but for me its really really exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And for something really cute......the two most adorable nephews on the planet (courtesy of Shelley and Aunt Shannon) Shelley and MeMommie with LandenLanden :)Brothers "shocking!"Carter with Carolina Panther Ryan KhalilAWW!ToesYUMMY!!!!so sweet!


Emily Joy said...

They are the cutest little kids! =)

congrats of working in the kitchen =P

Emily S. said...

Fun! I still haven't worked in the kitchen yet. :P

Cute pictures. :)