Tuesday, February 3, 2009

'On the road again...'

Well, school has started again. I'm taking Biology: Human Anatomy and Physiology, Sociology: Marriage and Families, English: Argument Based Research, and Math 080. It's going to be a crazy semester! I've already had 3 tests...2 in math and one in biology. I really like the busy schedule that I have even though it often feels overwhelming.

Work is still going well, I'm learning more and more Spanish on a daily basis and can even communicate with Spanish speaking customers sometimes (with Berto's help of course)

Anyway, Sunday I proved what a total klutz I am...I fell asleep after church and mom woke me up sometime later to tell me to go shut off my demon possessed alarm clock which had decided to go off. So still half asleep I went upstairs, rounded the corner too fast and plowed my foot either into the wall or into my math book...but whatever it was I jammed the three middle toes on my left foot...I can still hardly move them, it hurts that bad. I almost wonder if I didn't fracture one of them...but no matter.

Anyway, the coffeehouse was AMAZING! totally amazing! enuff said :D

alright, I have homework to do...and its supposedly going to "snow" tonight....hahahaha I've lived here too long to believe that unless I see it! anyway, night!


Aly said...

I hope you foot feels better soon!

Emily Joy said...

haha, well, we got the snow!

Wow, sounds like you got your hands full with classes and all!