Sunday, March 22, 2009


Okay, I must say this before I get started...Rekindle was probably one of the best experiences of my life. I roomed with 2 Stephanies, Melanie, Kelley and Nina! We had a great time remembering old times and getting to know one another better. There were fun crazy games and an amazing Woah Show. But most importantly we grew, as a group. 5 people were baptized and the Lord met us each and every morning and evening for worship and messages. (For those of you who don't know what Rekindle is, its Mission28's annual Spring Break trip to the Laguna Beach Christian Fellowship Center down in Laguna Beach Florida check out coming later)

I have to say, Worship was one of my favorite parts of the entire week. We sang songs like Beautiful the Blood (Fee), God of this City (Chris Tomlin), and Take off my Shoes(aka Hold Me) (Delirious?) and some of Chris Flanigan's originals like Christ be All to Me and some of his remakes of old hymns. Every song seemed so appropriate to my life and just whats been going on with me lately. The messages were all very relevant and helpful in teaching and every message, they gave us time to respond...I am so excited that the Gospel was preached at every session time.

The games and the woah show were crazy! We played games like The Worm, the Frozen T-shirt Contest, Animal Ball, Drag Racing(not what you think...we had to drag Joe and Jon across the beach lol), Burger Queen, and so much more! They sound crazy and they are but its a good thing because you have to make a fool of yourself in order to play and its a great way to fight pride =D My Rekindle cup team was awesome even though we didn't win...Jessica and I totally owned Burger Queen! =D Our team was led by the amazing Zach Jamison...and included Brandon, Sobe, Jessica, Elissa, Taylor, Mark, Shaun, Chris, and I. Our team met each morning to pray for the day and it was so neat to just get together and pray...I don't know but something about sitting on the beach early in the morning together was just such a sweet time!

I got to swim in the ocean every single day(we had some pretty fun times swimming with the Jellies!)...I love the beach, it kind of helps me remember how big God is...when you're just sitting by the ocean and staring at the vastness of it and thinking that he measured out the waters in his hand...I got to watch the sun set every evening which was another just amazing site. (I got pictures of all of them =D)

So anyway...Rekindle was amazing and I cannot wait to go back next year! Pictures to come soon!

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