Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's been a while...'s been a long time! I hardly know where to begin so much has happened lately! (so as a warning this may be a long post)

To start off...let me go back to April...April 26th to be was a Sunday. We got the call that morning that my grandma had passed away. She was a month away from her 96th birthday. Ruth Pauline Fouch Miracle 1913-2009. (Grandma and Me)
Also on April 26th...that evening I was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society for Two Year Colleges - Phi Lambda Chapter...YAHOO! (yes I'm a nerd...but it's okay)Now, fast forward to May last day of the semester...had 2 final exams...Sociology(Marriage and Families) and Biology(Human Anatomy and Physiology) passed both! (got a 96 and 100 respectively) and...........I turned 18!!!!!!......AND!!!!!!!! I got my full drivers license! FINALLY!!!!!! It's been such a fun time driving around by myself in our brand new, used Ford Taurus!...such a feeling!

May 13th I got a new cousin! His name is Gage Michael Banker 20 1/4 inches and 7.7 pounds - born May 13, 2009 @ 5:30 am (stole this picture from cousin Julie)
Isn't he cute!!!!!!

May 23-26th was NEXT...traveling up to Baltimore was so much fun, I've never been to Maryland so I got to see the Pentagon and the Lincoln Memorial and some other important buildings...I've always wanted to go to D.C. and now I have...sort day I am going to go back there and go see all the sights and the historical stuff...but NEXT was amazing...just gotta say that. Here's some pics...these are from the drive up to NEXT:
The Stage
The T-shirt side of the BookstoreWe stopped in Chapel hill for dinner at Franklin St. Pizza & Pasta and on the way to find the restaurant, I saw this beautiful sunset!
So that's pretty much it...oh yeah! I almost forgot...I found out something that's so amazingly cool! Mom was reading this book: It's called "They Call Me Mother Graham ~ The Power of Christ in a Home" by Morrow Coffey Graham...Billy Graham's Mother. On page 17 she writes, "I have always lived just a few miles from the site of my birth. In a day and age when people move around so much, that's quite unusual, I know. I was born February 23, 1892, right on the farm in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. I was country-bred and country-raised. I can trace my ancestry to the Scottish pioneers who settled in the Carolinas before the Revolutionary War. One of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, Ezra Alexander, was a relative, as was President James K. Polk."Well, as most of you know, I am also related to James K. Polk. My Granny has our family history written down and has traced it back far enough to discover that President James Knox Polk is a distant cousin of mine. Which means.......that I am ALSO related to Billy Graham!
And the really funny thing dad once sang in a choir with George Beverly Shea (who recently turned 100 years old) at a Billy Graham Crusade!!!How fun is that!? Anyway...thats all for now, sorry for the length of my post =)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Online Portfolio!

So, i've been working on my photography skills for a while now, and I've finally got enough good stuff to start my own portfolio! I'm so excited! It's not quite finished but there's enough on there to at least check it out...and please do! =D

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Songs from Rekindle ~ Part 2

Be My Vision
(re-wording by Chris Flanigan)
Be my obsession, O King of my heart
All else is lost to me, only You are
Lord be my vision, by day or by night
Waking or sleeping, Your presence is my light

Lord be my vision and my only wisdom
You are my all
My deepest pleasure and my greatest treaure
And You are my all

Lord be my wisdom, and be my true word
You are my Father, my sonship incured
You never leave me, although I may stray
Christ in me living, so that I might obey

Lord give me shelter, and grace for my call
Lord be my boasting, and Christ be my all
Be my protector, and strength in the fight
From Thou peace of darkness, to heavens delight

Lord be my vision and my only wisdom
You are my all
My deepest pleasure and my greatest treasure
And You are my all

Discard my riches, and mans empty praise
You are my treasure, both now and always
Lord be exclusively first in my heart
My King of heaven, my fortune You are

High King of heaven, my victories won
May I reach heaven's joys, oh bright heaven's Son
Heart of my own heart, whatever befall
Still be my vision, oh ruler of all

Lord be my vision and my only wisdom
You are my all
My deepest pleasure and my greatest treasure
And You are my all

Monday, May 11, 2009

Songs from Rekindle ~ Part 1

This song was probably my favorite of all the songs we sang at Rekindle 2009, every time I hear this song it makes me realize how great my need for a Savior is...without him the conquest cannot be won, the strength of sin is not subdued, and my relentless sin is not broken...but because of His great's all possible, sin is defeated, and I am clean.
Sinner's Plea
Chris Flanigan

To know Thee and feel Thee mine
I will not quit my claim
Until all is lost in Thine
and all renewed I am
To hold Thee with trembling hand
But will not let Thee go
Steadfast by faith I stand
And all thy goodness know
And in me sacred fire might now begin to glow
Burn the dross of base desire and make the mountains flow

Your Love Lord! Can the conquest win.
The strength of sin subdue, and Christ be all to me
Break my relentless sin
And form my soul anew so Christ be all to me

No longer my heart shall mourn
While purified by grace
And for His glory burn
and always see His face
And shall I see the hour that plants my God in me
Spirit of life and power, and perfect liberty

Your Love Lord! Can the conquest win.
The strength of sin subdue, and Christ be all to me
Break my relentless sin
And form my soul anew so Christ be all to me

Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's SUMMER!!!!!!

It's finally summer! Before i get started into my actual post, here's some pics from my bday...I woke up to 75 balloons in my hallway :D
And then, I got my hair cut again =)

So yeah...not the greatest picture but you get the idea :D

Anyway, school is over (finally) I had my last 2 exams on my 18th birthday...and I passed both of them! I'm not sure how I did in my other two classes because they haven't posted the grades yet, but I'm not worried. I cannot wait for this summer! Since I finally got my drivers license, I hope I'll be able to go hang out with people more often. Who knows what will happen this summer, I'm really hoping that my life will be totally changed when I go to Mexico. So anyway, thats all for now.

Friday, May 8, 2009

18 years!

I can't believe I'm 18!!! I had a cool day today, passed both of my finals, got my full drivers license, got to spend the day just hanging with mom, got my hair cut again(i know shocking) and then went to work where even there I felt special :) and my amazing sister called to tell me happy birthday and one of THE most adorable nephews in the world, Carter sang Happy Birthday to me over the phone! It was SOOOO cute! So anyway, I had a pretty good day! Thanks for all the birthday wishes!