Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's SUMMER!!!!!!

It's finally summer! Before i get started into my actual post, here's some pics from my bday...I woke up to 75 balloons in my hallway :D
And then, I got my hair cut again =)

So yeah...not the greatest picture but you get the idea :D

Anyway, school is over (finally) I had my last 2 exams on my 18th birthday...and I passed both of them! I'm not sure how I did in my other two classes because they haven't posted the grades yet, but I'm not worried. I cannot wait for this summer! Since I finally got my drivers license, I hope I'll be able to go hang out with people more often. Who knows what will happen this summer, I'm really hoping that my life will be totally changed when I go to Mexico. So anyway, thats all for now.

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