Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our Brand New Broken Car!!!!!!

So guess what....We have a NEW CAR!!!!! Dad went to get it on Wednesday morning from the guy who sold it to us...then after work he took it to get the wheels aligned and all that good stuff and the Saturn people said the car was in like perfect condition...amazing right?

WELL....that being said and was on his way home on I85 when the lady in front of him blew a tire. Instead of pulling over to the side of the road, she decided to STOP in the middle of the interstate. Dad, being the careful and experienced driver that he is, stopped behind her with no problems. HOWEVER, there were two cars that swerved to avoid hitting dad but both cars were hit by another car which crashed them into my dad's BRAND NEW CAR!!!! In turn, the force of the impact shoved my dad's car into the car in front of him (the lady with the blown tire) Dad is fine, hardly even sore...but needless to say, our car didn't take it so well:

This is the front of the car after impact
The hit to the right rear busted the back windshield out...throwing glass all the way up front to the DASH BOARD!(Can you tell I watch CSI?)...this is the drivers side "scratch" it is quite a bit longer than the yard stick, and the backseat door on that side doesn't open any more...a piece of the car that hit this side...her headlight was wedged into the backseat door handle!This is the worst impact...totally busted...the brake light works but the turn signal doesn't
So praise God that dad is safe and not hurt and that the car isn't as bad as it could be...but still a downer ya know lol! Anyway so that was our excitement for Wednesday...I think that's all the excitement I need for QUITE a while =D

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