Friday, July 24, 2009


I got this email from Kate Jakubisin today:

Hello Everyone,

My dad talked with Dean this afternoon and wanted to update you on the current situation in Guadalupe and request prayer for the protection of Rancho3m. Dean said the drug wars moved into Guadalupe, two incidents have recently occurred. The first is the owner of the small store close to the Ranch [we went there several times to buy coke] was kidnapped and ransomed for $20,000. Although the money was paid he was murdered leaving behind a wife and three kids. The second incident was the kidnapping of a drugstore owner in the town of Guadalupe. He was ransomed also. After he was beaten they released him. Because of this, the next group, the Sov. Grace Church of Chesapeake, VA, canceled their trip. Thankfully the Cov Life groups were able to go to the Rancho and return home safely. They were able to dry-in the building for the baby home and are planning on sending a group of 40 men back in October to complete the job. Please pray for the violence to end so that the groups (Cov Life and Apex) planned to come in October will be able to.

Please be praying for the protection of the kids and staff at Rancho3m. Dean requested that we especially pray for protection of the staff and kids the week of July 27-August 3 as the Staff leaves for a week long retreat and the kids will be gone on their summer break, some will go home to their families.

Also, Dean said Alan is doing well, please keep praying for him.

-Kate Jakubisin
"I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future"

PLEASE pray for Rancho3M, Dean and his family, the children at the Ranch, the staff members and the people in the surrounding community. This is a very scary and dangerous time right now so all of your prayers help! Thank you so much!

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