Thursday, March 25, 2010


So much has been happening lately! I hardly know where to start!!!

Rekindle was awesome but I left feeling unsettled - like God wasn't finished with us...and he's not! I know that he's never really finished with us...but sometimes it's easier to see God moving and feel his presence working in us and through us than other times.

During Rekindle, Mickey talked about the difference between his and my generation...the 70's and today...he used the words radical/passion to describe the 70's and the word drift to describe today's generation. That really saddened me but what unsettled me most was the shocking statistic he gave us. 4% of people in America will take a stand for Christ in their lifetime. There were about 100 of us at Rekindle...the reality that statistically only 4 of us would stand for Christ really hit home with most of us.

After we came back, Tyler gave a wonderful message entitled Reached and he said that he noticed how unsettled we were as a group by the statistic from Mickey's message. God really met us in that was like nothing I had ever experienced could feel His presence so thick that you could almost lean into it and be held up. God continually amazes me. I feel him working all around us as a group and individually as well. I think something big is about to happen and I am so excited to be a part of it!

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