Friday, September 10, 2010

Are you ready?

So...we had a close call on Wednesday...I know it sounds drastic and you'll probably make fun of me for this, but the earth could have been hit...and who knows what it would have done to the earth...or even if the earth would have survived...What am I talking about? Well, wednesday, not 1, but 2 asteroids came dangerously close to earth...see:This may look a billion miles away but according to astronomers: "Today, Wednesday the 8th, 2010, Earth will get buzzed by not one, but two different asteroids, and they’ll be close. They’ll actually come close enough to Earth to pass between the orbit of the Earth and the moon, which is like the interplanetary equivalent of getting shot at and having the bullet rip through your shirt sleeve, yet not hit your arm."
Yeah, that's pretty close...I'd say...made me think...are we as a people, ready for the world to end? Are you ready for judgement day? It's coming...probably sooner than we think...are you ready? Am I ready? Have we as Christians, done everything we can to prepare this world and the people in it for eternity? As it stands right now, if the world were to end today...where would you go? You have 2 options...Heaven or Hell...where are you spending eternity?

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