Thursday, February 24, 2011

How he loves us!

God is at work...right now...I can't even begin to describe all the ways that I'm seeing him move. I think I'm realizing that the last year or so, I've just gotten into a spiritual rut or routine...and everything that the world throws at me has just begun to pile up and wear me down. Not really in the way of temptations, more in the way of distractions...keeping me from being lost in God...distracting me from desiring more of God...stealing my hunger. It really sneaks up on you (going back to that Spirit of Python) and you don't realize it until you're overwhelmed almost.
It is by no chance that I worked the night of the C4 Spirit Night. It is no coincidence that I met them that night and was so curious that I went one Sunday to check it out. God totally had it all planned out...and I'm so glad! Ever since I started going to C4, I feel so much closer to's not a routine, I feel like I'm starving for him. I've missed that so much! I am so grateful to God for bringing C4 into my life and awakening my passion for Him again. I feel like I'm growing again...which excites me, and I want this fire to spread...I want everyone to experience it...everyone at Mission28, everyone at Chick-fil-A, everyone at CPCC...everyone everywhere. God is so good!
Last night, C4 "invaded" Central Church of God...we did 2 sessions, one for the middle school kids, and one for the highschool/college aged kids. I tell you, God really moved.
During the 1st session, John Parker (one of the C4 Pastors), compared our daily life to an iPod battery...if we go too long without a charge, our battery gets low. Every day we go without realizing how much God loves us and how good he is, our batteries get low...We need that constant source of power...He wants to be connected with us.
In the 2nd session, Tyson taught a message called "Tempted and Free" and he used the example of the Chinese finger traps...they look innocent and enticing, but when you give end up bound/trapped. Just like this world, things can be enticing and seem innocent, but they will capture you. He said that temptation is not just an opportunity for you to fail God, it's an opportunity for you to stand for God. Tyson said that anytime you take a stand for Christ publicly, who you are and who you serve, temptation is sure to follow, but when you stand for righteousness during those moments of temptation, God is glorified in your life and people cannot help but see Him.
Ever realize that when you follow someone, you end up where they are going? If you follow the world, you'll end up where it's going. If you follow'll end up where He is. Freedom from this world is found in God...there are no temptations bigger than you...none that you are powerless to. We have victory over sin and temptation and addictions because of Christ's love for us, because he died, because he was also tempted. This world has NOTHING for us!
I am so excited to see God moving...and so excited to be a part of it...God is so good!

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