Monday, March 28, 2011

God, Why? Part 1

So...this past Thursday, C4 took a stand in the Student Union on the campus of UNCC. From 11am to 3pm, thousands of students passed by and saw/heard us boldly worshipping God. We were there to worship, but we were also there to prepare for C4's new series called "God, Why?" We set up a huge poster board for students to be able to write on and handed out nearly 4000 of the cards you see in the above picture ^...for students to ask questions. The giant poster board was covered, and there were over 70 cards returned with questions on them.
(^photo credit mine)
So yesterday, Tyson tackled 5 of the questions we received.
  • How is scripture without error if man wrote it? - Simply, man didn't write it...God did. It is the inspired word of God, he merely used man as a scribe to write down his word. It was scribed by 40 different authors, 66 books, in 3 different languages, on 3 different continents, spanning 1800 years. It is in perfect harmony and unity...there are no contratictions, it will never pass away and it will always change lives.
  • Why Leviticus? - The simple answer is that it foreshadows the greatest story you could ever know, the greatest sacrifice. Jesus became our substitute in death, it tells us that someone is coming. It foreshadows the cross. Leviticus is a mandate for priests to know how to approach the throne of God. It gives guidance and instruction and order.
  • Why are there so many religions if there is only one creator? - Basically, It's because man want's it his way. God created us incomplete but he planted in our hearts the knowledge of eternity...we understand the concept of forever (and the One who IS forever). He created us like that so we would search for him. The reason there are so many religions is because it is man's (sinful) attempt to search for God but like in Exodus 32(golden calf), we try to solve our own problems rather than wait for God's divine intervention. God isn't the author of religion...he's the author of relationships. It's not about you being legalistic and following "rules", it's about knowing God.
  • What happens to people born in other nations who have never heard of Jesus? - Well, God is a just, holy, righteous, fair, faithful and true God...God did not create hell for us, hell is not meant for's meant for Satan and his fallen angels who tried to be like God. When we sin, it puts us in that same place, but we have no excuse because of the cross...the cross gives heaven to us if we believe. The Bible also talks about there is no one who won't hear...EVERY tongue confess...I believe that God won't come back until everyone has heard (another reason we gotta get to work!)
  • Why did God allow the devastation in Japan? -'s sin that caused it. You don't hear of any hurricanes or floods or tornados or anything like that wiping out the Garden of least not until after the Fall...when we chose to embrace sin, we changed everything. Because we sinned, the ground was cursed and for the rest of our lives we have to toil and sweat over the land. Tyson painted an interesting picture when he said that "natural disasters are the earth's response to's the earth trying to cleanse itself and restore itself back to it's original state when it was perfectly created by the hands of God". I'd never thought of it before...but to those who ask "Why did God allow the devastation?" I would also ask them if they've ever asked "Why did God allow the sun to shine today? Why did he make it so beautiful outside today?" we seem to only ask Why? when something bad happens...we never think to ask him Why? on every beautiful day.
All in all, great message! Can't wait for next week! I hope you'll come out! It's so neat to be able to speak directly to students, answering questions that they have about God. I'm excited to see what God is going to do on campus!
(^photo credit mine)

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