Saturday, March 26, 2011

I still have sand in my shoes...Rekindle Part 1

So...Rekindle was amazing - just want to thank everyone for your prayers...we definitely felt them. God definitely moved in our lives while we were down there. I hardly know where to begin...there is so much to share! (aka this is gonna be a long post...bear with me)
I guess I'll start with the messages! The theme of this year's Rekindle was "Stand" all about taking a stand for God in our lives. There were six messages each relating to the theme.
  • Joe began the week on Monday night with a message called "Stand Assured".  To be able to stand as a Christian, you must first BE a Christian. He instructed us to examine ourselves and test look for signs of life. Living people should think and act differently than dead people. If we are saved we are alive in Christ - if not, we are still dead in our sins. If we are standing for Christ, then our relationship with sin should change - our sin should bother us. It's an urgent matter - the mortality rate is still 100% and our next breath is never a guarantee.
  • Jon brought the 2nd message on Tuesday morning entitled "Grow" - his main point was "If you're gonna Stand, you must grow to be like Christ." If we're going to stand, then we have to grow. When we sin, we are like broken mirrors who don't accurately reflect God. But when we go to Him, he restores his image in us and we get our purpose in life back.
  • Mickey's message on Tuesday night was called "Stand Together" - he encouraged us to stand together or our lives will fall apart like the Israelites when they hardened their hearts against God. We need each other in our daily lives for fellowship and accountability. It's extremely important because the potential for deception multiplies in isolation - we need each other to speak into each others lives to confront and encourage us in our walk.
  • On Wednesday morning - Joe gave a message called "Men and Maidens" about dating. He talked about how when we think of dating, we can't be selfish and ask "Is he/she the one for me?" we have to ask "Am I the one for him/her?"
  • Wednesday night - Mickey's message was called "Stand Firm" about the armour of God...We're not fighting this battle against the devil alone, we're fighting it in the strength and power of God.
  • Our very last message on Thursday morning was called "Stand for Christ". Jon asked all of us if we had a desire to see God glorified in our lives and on campus. We must proclaim Christ. We have to take personal ownership and have a personal desire to see God glorified and proclaimed.
It was a great time and I really think many people were convicted, encouraged, and touched by the messages that these men brought. As for me, I really liked Jon's message Grow...I loved the example of the broken was really cool. Rekindle was a really different experience for me this year...I'm not sure how exactly to express what it was that was so different. I think it's possibly my involvement this year. I feel like I was a lot more involved than in previous years...I'm not a "rookie" anymore. This year I was given the privilege of singing during one of the worship sets (I think it was Tuesday morning). I love seeing everyone completely lost in worship. There was a moment during worship where David played the melody of Before the Throne of God Above. The entire place including all the band members were in tears...probably one of my favorite moments of Rekindle. Such a powerful moment. I was also a room leader this year (we had the best room!) Amy, Ashley, Emily, and I were roomies...we had some great conversations...and some crazy fun. Love those girls!
Right before we left for Rekindle, I had a prayer request that God would use me during that week. I went into it with high expectations and a crazy idea of how I thought God should use me. So of course when my plans didn't match up with God's plans...I was crazy disappointed...but every day there was a reminder of God's goodness...he used me a little here, and a little there...nothing huge...but just the little things(maybe it was huge to someone else...who knows). But during the very last message when Jon was talking about taking ownership...he read a post I had written a few weeks back. I was completely blown away...God did use me...just in a way I didn't expect. I was totally convicted and encouraged at the same time. Convicted for being disappointed when my plans and my ideas weren't playing out and being disappointed because I didn't think God's plans were all that great...but even through that God still used me in a way...and that was so encouraging...I can't even boast in that because God totally gave me the words I had written in that post. God is so good and Rekindle was a blast! AND another praise report...I don't think anyone got sick!!!! Yay!
Anyway, I think that's all for now...thanks for reading and thanks for praying! Part 2 (Pictures) coming soon!

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