Saturday, March 5, 2011

Know God

So Thursday night, Emily and I went to a C4 Bible Study – which is sort of the equivalent to a M28 Small Group/Care group. Even in that laid back setting, God was still powerfully present. It’s been so amazing to feel God so close in my life after a period of not being able to feel Him at all. I honestly feel like a completely different person. God is so good.
Anyway, we were going through Exodus 32: 1-29 and the point was brought up that the main event doesn’t happen on Sunday mornings (or Thursday nights) the main event happens when you draw close to God. Heaven is not our goal…the main purpose in our life is to know God...everything else is an overflow of that. The main purpose of Adam and Eve’s life was to know God…nothing more. (As my dad always says, “To walk with Him through the garden in the cool of the evening.”)
Tyson posed the question to us…How much of your life is spent in getting to know Him? vs. How much of your life is spent trying to please Him? We exist only to know God…do you live to do his work or to know Him? Christ died for us to know Him NOW, not to wait and know Him when we get to Heaven…if you look at Matthew 7:15-23, those people all did great things in God’s name…but they didn’t take the time to get to know Him. They probably did more than I’ve ever done, but because they didn’t know Him, He, in turn, says “I never knew you. We cannot forget that the God of Love is also a God of Justice…He could send all of us to Hell and would still be totally just…but his love and grace and mercy is so great! His mercy and love makes no sense without his justice.
We can become idolaters by thinking life is about us, we might have a form of godliness but we deny the power…the power is in knowing God. We try to make God in our own image instead of being made in God’s image. But the only way to know yourself is to know Him. Someone who is truly born again, wants to know their Creator…a newborn depends on their father. If your identity is found in who you are now (as a student, pastor, teacher, worship leader, doctor…etc.) then you’ve completely missed it…God won’t need you to preach or sing or heal in Heaven…all He wants…is for us to know Him.
Everything we do is because we need something or want something…shouldn’t we need to know God…shouldn’t we want to know God…if everything else in life went away…if it was just you and God…would you still worship in the silence?

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