Thursday, April 14, 2011

Further Reflection

Today I was thinking over Sunday night's message on perception and trying to discern where in my life have I bought the lies that Satan tells me. There are so many. It reminded me of a message from Rekindle that talked about how Satan is a sneaky enemy...he uses the same techniques and yet we continuously fall to them. I feel like lately, I've let my guard down and have listened to the lies more-so than normal. I could make the excuse that it's because I'm so busy or school is stressing me out...but there are no excuses. For so long I've bought into what the world tells me...that I have to be a stick figure to be pretty or dress a certain way to appeal...and there are pressures that I've even put on myself...if I don't get really good grades, I'm a failure. There are so many things that bring me down each day, and the biggest struggle I have is that in those moments, I don't rely on God...I buy the lie that I can get through it on my own...I just have to study harder, or do my hair a certain way, or wear a certain brand, or lose weight. Needless to steals my joy...and it hinders my relationship with God. I spend so much of my time worrying...needlessly...even so much as to worry about worrying a lot. In those moments, I've got to learn how to stop and ask for God's those moments, my perception is flawed. I'm seeing the world through my sin, and not through the grace that covers my life. God's grace is's more than enough for me...and like Tyson says, "If God never did another thing for me, He's already done more than enough." Since I've identified some of the lies that are constantly clouding my view, I know that God will sustain me as I fight against these lies. All the glory to Him because it is He that will be made strong in my weakness. Praise God!

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