Monday, April 11, 2011

Perception: Life through tainted glasses

C4 was really incredible tonight...worship could have gone on forever and I would have been totally fine with that.
Anyway, tonight's message was really intense...John Parker spoke on Perception.
It all started with creation.
  • Before sin, we walked with God...we were close to Him, we knew Him...and He knew us. Genesis 3:6-10 tells us about the invasion of sin in our lives, when Eve first listened to Satan, he planted a seed in her head that changed her perception and made her question her purpose in life. Sin changed our perspective...our view on blurred our vision.
  • Because of sin, we should have been statistics long ago(in jail, pregnant, on drugs, etc)...BUT GOD...we are able to worship Him boldly because he created us and he sustains us. If we don't understand the creator...then we don't understand his creation. We are not the creation that God intended us to be, we've strayed so far from the original relationship we had with him in the Garden...we have to be honest with ourselves and with each other when we see sin...Satan tempts us, he lies to us and he makes sin look good...we have to despise sin and fight against it.
  • Satan has so many ways to get inside of our heads...after the fall, our view of the world and ourselves were changed...we no longer see ourselves how God sees us. We were created in the image of God, we were created for greatness...but we've fallen...we are like a broken mirror...we don't accurately reflect God's perfect image. We were created to glorify God and shine His light...but if we aren't careful...the sin in our lives will tint the light. We have to regularly examine ourselves.
  • John 4: 17-24 tells the story of the woman at the well speaking with Jesus. He points out areas in her life where she's gone in the wrong direction and reveals her sin to her. She is standing in the presence of the Holy Son of God...and she doesn't cling to Him...she doesn't fall on her face before Him...she reverts back to religion. "I perceive that you are a prophet." When we are confronted with our sin, too often we hold onto it and don't humble ourselves and cling to God. When God reveals who He created you to be...what will your response be?
  • We were created with a void in our lives that can only be satisfied by God. Nothing else can satisfy or fill that void. Sin robbed everything, it tainted the world. We are in constant need to be made new. We need to meet with Him, run after can't be in His presence and stay the same...He is the Fountain of life, He is the only one who can satisfy. Our God is the only god who came back for us! He loves us...There is only one name that can save us...all we have to do is come!
Tonight really made me think about how I see others especially...when I see people around me acting in sin, I often look down on them...or think "wow, do they know how stupid that is?". But in reality, if they don't know God...then they really don't know how stupid it is or how crazy they're acting. Because of sin, we look to the things of this world to fill the void in our lives...drugs, relationships, clothes, parties, alcohol, sex...all of those things, and even our best efforts, are tainted with sin. Even the way I look at others has been ruined by sin. In order to change my perception, I have to know God...and know what he wants for me. In order to reach a dying world, my vision has to be clear...I have to catch a glimpse of Him, to see through His eyes what he wants for his creation. In order to understand creation, I have to know my creator. Know Him. Knowing Him will change your will change everything.

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