Friday, April 15, 2011

Reality Check

Jon Shea did a great job Thursday night. He taught on Psalm 139 and said, "Our biggest misconception is that God is uninvolved in our lives...that he's disconnected. It's not true. God is a gracious judge, involved in every aspect of our lives, so our only acceptable response is joyful submission to Him."
  • God knows all about you - you have no pride with God because he knows every motion, thought, word...all before it can't get away
  • There is nothing dark to God - he sees everything because everything is bright...there is no constraint to his sight or knowledge.
  • He is everywhere...always..
  • You can't ignore God - he knows you better than you know yourself
    • If you know Him...this is the greatest comfort you will ever know
    • If you do NOT know Him...this is the greatest horror.
    • If it scares you that He knows you that well...then it proves you don't know Him through his Son...Jesus Christ.
  • He is your creator
We so often say that "He can't be in control because bad stuff happened in my life and He's a good God so He must not be invovlved." But God is in control - it doesn't mean we understand everything he does.

Our response is to:
  • Trust in Christ and Christ alone
  • Let His nearness be our joy
  • Repent
He loves you - whatever is going on in your life he is intimately involved with it.

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