Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Thursday night's Mid-Week service was wonderful. Jordan Connell did an incredible job leading us first in worship and then in a great discussion on prayer. 

Prayer is our communication with God...and we sometimes don't give God a chance to speak...we talk and talk and talk. It'd be like calling your mom on the phone and saying "Hey mom how are you can you fix meatloaf for dinner and i need a new shirt thanks love you bye" and not giving her a chance to respond. In that way, our prayers can be selfish...only praying about things that will mean something to us....and not genuinely talking to God. It's not wrong to ask God for things, but it's about your motives behind your requests. If we listen...God speaks to us too...and that's an important part of your prayer life.

People often use the excuse "well, I don't know how to pray" or "he already knows what I'm thinking so what's the point" but it's really simple...God is your best friend...he already knows what's going on with you but he wants you to be real with him anyway....he's not some far off deity that isn't connected to your life. He knows you and he wants you to know him. Prayer is one way to know him. Talk to him, ask him questions, tell him what's going on in your life...talk to him like you would talk to any other friend...you don't have to be all fancy and reserved with God...be yourself - "Hey what's up God? - The earth spinnin real nice today? - good, good...How are the other universes today...they actin up? - thought so..." Prayer is so simple but it makes your relationship with him so fruitful.

When our prayer lives get right - there is no limit to what God will do through you...but it won't happen until you talk to God.

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