Friday, November 11, 2011

all night long...part 1

This past Friday/Saturday was my first experience at an all night service and I have to tell you it was the most amazing experience. We began Friday night at 10 and spent the next 12 hours worshiping God, praying for our campus and our generation and listening to some great messages by Tyson, Roshan and Chris. It was definitely an anointed time and God was very present.

Worship was amazing as always and it was so cool to see so many different people serving and leading us. Many thanks to Ashley, Son Tan, Joel, Omar, Greg, Shawna, Chad, Leigh, Egypt, David, Ben, Kayla, Cara, Tyson and all the others whom I don't know. You were such a blessing.

I've got to talk about some of the songs we sang...they are definitely good songs and I'd highly recommend that you take the time to listen to them. 
Holy Spirit
and many more that I either can't remember or can't find links to =D I think worship was probably my favorite aspect of the evening. Worship has always been kind of my way to talk to God. I grew up doing worship dance and in highschool/college I began to sign during worship. It was so special to me to be a part of 12 hours of worship and I feel like God really touched me during that night.

Another aspect of our evening was group prayer and testimonies...we prayed for the campus of UNCC, the staff, the students...we prayed for revival for the campus and that it would begin in our hearts and spill over. We prayed for our generation that we would rise up and take our place as children of God and not be silent and not fall to the low expectations and standards of the world. There was a time to share testimonies about what God is doing in our lives and at one point we all just stopped to listen to God. We spread out and turned all the music off and just listened. It was a powerful moment and you could really feel God's presence touching each and every one of us. 

Part 2 coming soon...the messages.

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