Friday, January 13, 2012

Passion 2012, Session 1

Why is it that the only people in America that are speaking up are the ones who are so intent on proving that God is dead? Ever notice? I mean, from turning on the television to the radio, to the signs and graffiti on the street, anybody paying attention would hear the clear message that God is gone, that Christianity is outdated and you must be a fool to believe otherwise. Why are we, as a nation, quicker to accept God's absence than we are to actually look for Him? Why are we so quick to dismiss hope in a time when it's needed so badly?

The world either dismisses God completely, or tries to find Him everywhere except in the churches. Why is that? The church is called to bring God's light to the world. We should be a big neon sign pointing to salvation through the cross and yet, we're standing idly by as that light burns out and the people become more lost than ever.

In the seventh chapter of Luke, Jesus interrupted the funeral procession of a widow's son during a time in history when people had all but abandoned the thought of God still being with them. And it wasn't just a chill moment, either. It was huge.

Jesus said to him, "Get up!" (Note the exclamation mark that was used).

God is more than willing to do the same thing in our lives today.

"Is there anything in your life that is leading you to your grave?" When I heard Louie ask that question, what came to my mind was the indifference that I have a tendency to feel toward God and His word. I tend to say, "Yeah, I know what God says about this, but I'm young...but I'm only going to live once..but it's not so bad..." And I'm telling you, that is one of the fastest ways to get in trouble.

Despite claims of people and the media, God wants (and is) speaking life over people today, just like He did at the funeral procession in Luke. He is telling this generation to "Rise up! Grace is here at just the right time."

The story in Luke doesn't just end with the by rising from the dead, it goes on to tell us about how the gospel was spread and people believing and proclaiming "God is back!"

Isaiah 26:8 says that "Your name and your renown are the desires of our hearts." I think that's what God wants in His people now. He wants a generation rising up in God's name to get his message out to the world that He is not dead, that He is alive and moving and saving.

Louie Giglio said that what he wanted out of Passion 2012 was for this generation of young believers to "Realize they are in a place of holy mystery and God is at work, that they will be quietly worshipful and noisily grateful." What we need to do is experience God as He truly is and be unashamed to show the world that God is still alive and working through people. The goal is real change and I believe it will happen if we don't lose sight of God and the mission.

Don't accept the world as it is. Change it into what it should be...what it was designed to be.

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