Saturday, January 14, 2012

Passion 2012, Session 6

Louie Giglio told us that "It's not just people in their 40's, 50's, and 60's that have something to say to people, that have wisdom to bring to the world. Everyone has something to say." This generation has once again been given the opportunity to end slavery. We have the potential to start a huge, modern-day abolitionist movement (The largest in history, since there are more people enslaved now than at any other time in human history).

But, as Justin Dillon said during the freedom panel at Passion 2012, "Enthusiasm does not equal accomplishment. Awareness needs action".

Justin Dillon is affiliated with, Christine Caine is affiliated with, Courtney Dow is affiliated with, and Saskia Wishart is affiliated with All of these people have come from and worked around the world toward the common purpose of putting an end to slavery and injustice. They are doing something now because, like Courtney said, "If we don't talk about the demand of the industry, there will be an endless supply of victims."

Christine Caine told us that what we can bring as a church that is significant and unique is using the power of prayer, even through social networking. She told a story about 11 girls who had prayed for an entire year to Allah, but the first day they decided to pray to Jesus, who they had only heard of once, there was a tweet that went out asking people to pray for rescue for the girls in other nations. They were rescued from slavery through International Justice Ministries three days later.

The current tragedy is that the majority of people do not get rescued. What will be their stories for the rest of their lives unless we do something to help?

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