Thursday, February 16, 2012

Countdown to Rekindle 2012

17 days until Rekindle!

Rekindle 2009: Session 2 - You're the man, I'm the man: Sin by Joe Lechner

Story of David and Bathsheba - Nathan - "You ARE the man."
Suggested reading: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
The Penalty for sin is Death! (Romans 3:23, Isaiah 53:6, Romans 3:10-12, Isaiah 59:2-3, Isaiah 12:13)
  • Sin seeks to disregard God
    • You are the man when it comes to sin
    • Isaiah 59:2
    • God will punish passivity towards sin.
    • He is righteously angry towards sin. But his anger is not like mans anger - God's anger is holy, just, pure - a calculated reasoned response to our sin - it is perfectly measured according to his perfect justice. It's not an emotional hissy fit and He's not ticked off. He won't get over it. God's holiness demands a response to sin that is serious! - Matthew 13:41-42
  • Hell is the wrath of God - his hatred for sin.
    • Hell is a place
      • It is a real place, a literal place and people WILL go there!
      • Matthew 10:28, Matthew 25:46, Matthew 13, Revelation 21
    • Hell is a place of SOLITUDE and darkness.
      • Comfortless isolation and separation from God.
      • 2 Peter 2:17, Matthew 25, 2 Thessalonians 1:7-9
    • Hell is a place of tremendous physical agony.
      • Luke 16:24, Revelation 20:10
      • Pain, suffering, fire, burning, torment, torture, agony
      • Hell hurts - constant burning - inescapable lake of sulfur - sulfur doesn't burn, it melts and sticks - it's surrounding you and you can't get away.
    • Hell is a place of deep shame, disgust and regret.
      • We will see ourselves for who we really are - if we trust in God alone, the shame, disgust, and regret won't last because God has washed us clean.
      • In hell, the regret and shame will never go away.
        • Matthew 10:28
      • Hell torments us spiritually - it will depress you.
      • Mark 9 - the worm(conscience) won't die...torment for our souls...cannot be silenced, ever, it is eternal
    • Hell is eternal
      • It's never going to get any better
      • Jude vs7, Mark 9:43, Revelation 14:11
      • God's wrath against you will never be exhausted
    • Hell is a place of hopelessness
      • There is no hope in hell.
      • Not even a hope of death...never changing...even your darkest days on earth don't compare to the hopelessness in hell.
  • Application:
    • Make sure you're not going there!
    • You ARE the man...this is about you - Acts 4:12
    • 2 Timothy 2:5, Matthew 7...I never knew you.
    • 96% of people think they are going to heaven. Yet they don't recognize that they have a desperate need for Jesus (John 3:16).
    • Not perishing is contingent upon what you do with Jesus.
    • Why does Jesus work and no one else?
      • The gospel.
    • Who is Jesus and what did he do really?
    • The bad news of hell is the stepping stone to the good news of Heaven.
      • You cannot enjoy or experience the good news until you are completely convinced of the bad.
    • Do you recognize yourself as a sinner?
    • Do you recognize what your sin deserves?
    • Do you feel a deep and desperate need for someone to save you?
    • Are you convinced that your savior is Jesus Christ?

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