Sunday, February 5, 2012

Guest Post: Alone But Found

Through a mutual friend, I was introduced to Max Rivera. Poetry and Spoken word are the areas in which he expresses his incredible talent for writing. Max has graciously agreed to let us post some of his work but you can check out all of his poems on his blog: Faith Poems

Alone But Found
by Max Rivera

Do you feel alone?
Do you feel like everything is gone?
Do you feel like your life isn’t important?
Maybe you feel like a pawn.

A piece that won’t go far.
Only moving a space at a time.
Not making any progress.
Or maybe you feel like a mime.

A voice that isn’t heard
because your words are slurred.

Or maybe you go on a diet
because your mom says you need to lose weight.
She says that you need to be skinny
so that you can go out on a date.

Maybe you think you’re ugly;
that you will never be loved.
The boys run to the pretty girls
and out of the way you are shoved.

The truth is that you are loved
by a man named Jesus Christ.
Don’t listen to the devil
about the things that he has enticed.

The false words he puts in your head
as you are going to bed.

He tells you that you are no good.
He tells you that you are not cared about,
so shove him away
because you no longer have to doubt.

The devil is your enemy,
but God is your friend.
The devil will lead you astray,
but God will be with you till the end.

The devil makes you feel alone
while God makes you feel secure.
The devil brings sickness,
but God brings the cure.

Trust in God.
He made you for a reason.
Trust in the Bible
because it does not treason.

It will not lie,
but lead you down the right path.
It will lead you out of destruction;
into a better aftermath.

So anyone who feels weak.
Anyone who doesn’t want to live.
Trust in God,
and the gifts that He will give.

A life full of Joy.
A life full of Peace.
An amazing afterlife,
where all the benefits you will reap.

The benefits of love.
An eternity with the Lord.
The benefits of joy,
that will never fall short.

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