Sunday, February 5, 2012

Guest Post: What Fruit?

What Fruit?
by Max Rivera

What is the fruit we are bearing?
Is it God's love that we are sharing?
Do we love people when they don't love us?
Or do we reject someone when we have been cussed?

God said to, “Pray for your enemy.”
He said to, “Love everyone.”
Whether they love us,
or whether we are being shunned.

We don’t know people’s past.
We don’t know what they’ve been through.
But we can influence their future,
and God does this through you.

He does this through us;
The people that He has called.
The people He has love;
So don’t be appalled.

Don’t be appalled that He asks us to love;
Even the ones that we hate
because we were once sinners,
but now we are held by grace.

We don’t know where a non-Christian could be,
3 years down the road.
All we know,
is to show the grace God has shown.

By not having fits of anger.
By not being jealous.
But by loving others
and showing kindness.

We have no reason to hate.
We have no reason to hold a grudge;
because we are sinner too;
Just held under the grace of a judge.

We would all be in hell
if it wasn’t for Jesus Christ.
So the next time someone hurts you,
think about what God has done in your life.

Think about where you were
before God had called you
Think about your life
before you were made new.

We were all broken people
looking for a revival.
So think about the one who hurt you
before you call him your rival.

Think about his future.
Think about where he could be.
God calls us to love,
so the broken can be set free.

What is the fruit we are bearing?
Is it God’s love we are sharing?

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