Sunday, February 5, 2012

Guest Post: Psalm for a Bleeding Heart

Wow, it seems like we're doing a lot of guest posts lately...but God isn't just moving through us, he's moving through those around us and we can't and wouldn't want to keep it contained to just Emily and I! My friend Bradlee wrote a psalm a while back that has recently been on my mind...he very graciously allowed me to share it with you. Bradlee authors his own blog called Not Just a Coincidence...he is very involved in CRU as well as C4 and M28. This psalm really resonated with me...I know a lot of times, especially when life gets rough, it seems like God has turned his back to what you are going through and feeling. What God spoke through Bradlee in this psalm was just such encouragement...that even when it's a dark time in my life, my God is still the same God who throughout history has proven his faithfulness. I hope it encourages you as well.

Psalm for a Bleeding Heart
by Bradlee Speice

God, why have you abandoned me?

The wicked prosper, while I
wait for my daily bread.
The unrighteous wallow in pleasure, while I
chastise myself before you.

How long will you let your servant suffer?
The ones I hold close to me, I
can not trust to help me.
The ones I care about, regard me
as the dust on their sandals.

What is your plan for me?
Have you turned your back on me?
Will you leave me forever?

Yet my God is the God of Jacob
the man who wrestled with you.
Who would not give up,
though he was downtrodden.

Yet my God is the God of Elijah
the man who called upon you.
Who rained down fire,
though the people believed him false.

Yet my God is the God of Paul
the man who turned to you.
Who had an unclean heart,
though you can change even this.

Yet my God loves me still.

Though you turn your back on me,
you welcome me home with loving arms.

In your embrace will I delight,
though my heart may be bleeding.

In your embrace will I delight,
though the mountains crumble to the sea.

In your embrace will I delight,
though the galaxies whirl like my thoughts.

In your embrace
I find you still call me Son.

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