Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Great Healer

Guys...I just want to share with you how awesome our God is. He really is the best and it's just so neat that he loves me! Our God is so many things...Savior, Protector, Defender, etc...and tonight, he is my Healer.

Now, before you get all freaked out...calm down, take a deep breathe...many people don't believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit or for today or they believe that God doesn't work in the ways he did in the Bible (signs, wonders, miracles, etc.). I can understand where you are coming from...honest. However, let me tell ya...the Holy Spirit and his gifts are for today and God still works in us today. I know this because I experienced it tonight. Yeah, it might sound a bit corny...but it's true. You may get to the end of this testimony and dismiss it as just a psychosomatic response or some freak thing...but take the time to consider what the Bible says and what I've experienced.

Thursday, I was in my first car accident. It was really scary to me(and no it wasn't my fault)...but thankfully there wasn't much damage and no apparent injuries. My dad told me that there was a possibility that my back might eventually start to hurt because of being all tense when it happened(typical delayed reaction). Being the slightly paranoid person that I am...I paid very close attention to what my body was telling me. I made sure not to do anything too crazy or lift anything so as not to further any dormant injury.

Now...for a bit of reference...anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm probably one of the most tense people ever...muscle-wise back muscles are always tight and so I'm usually aware of my muscles since they tend to "talk to me" at times...but not to the point of pain usually.'s been a few days since the accident and haven't really felt anything out of the more tense than usual, no discomfort or pain. Starting to think I'm out of the woods right? Welllllllll....I get to C4 Charlotte tonight and just get totally lost in what God was doing there...but almost the very minute that the message began, my back just constricted. I've had muscle spasms before but this was something like I'd never felt...I'd never felt my back so tight, I'd never felt it hurt that bad, I'd never even felt it come on that strong. I tried to ignore it and for the most part I made it through the end of the service fine and we headed out to dinner. About halfway into a deep theological discussion during dinner, my back began to spasm...constant spasms and pain. I was miserable...and sort of freaking out...(I don't do well with pain)

A new friend named Eric, who was involved in our dinner discussion noticed the pain I was in and after dinner he came beside me and asked what was wrong with my back. I knew that whatever was going on was more than just a muscle reaction to the car accident because when he first put his hand on my back to get my attention, it felt like fire. He began to pray for me and immediately it felt like something was trying to crush my spine and all of my muscles constricted in ways that I've never felt before. I couldn't even hold my head up...I just sat there with my head down on the table. Eric and Emily continued to lay hands on my back and pray for me. I can't remember being in that much pain before with my back...and soon my back was so hot that their hands felt like ice. My back muscles were constricting like crazy and shooting pain throughout my entire body. He told me that I needed to release any bitterness and unforgiveness that I was holding onto...and as I began to do that, and as they continued to pray in Jesus name that any evil that had a hold of me would release it's grip and release my muscles...the pain began to subside. After a few more moments of prayer, my muscles continued to release and the pain just vanished. When they finished, Eric had me get up and move around and do something that would normally cause me pain....and when I twisted around, there wasn't any pain. I can still feel my muscles being all twitchy even now, but I haven't felt them this loose in....years...and even though they're still trembling, there's no pain.

Yeah, maybe it's not quite as intense as being raised from the dead...but what God did tonight through the obedience of Eric and Emily to come and pray for me and the faith we had that God could heal my just as miraculous as Jesus healing the blind and crippled. The Holy Spirit works through our prayers and gives us the faith we need to accomplish the works that God has prepared for us. What happened tonight is just a huge display (at least for me) of everything that God has been speaking through M28 and C4.

Eric and Emily didn't heal me. God healed me. God used them as his vessels so that his power could be known tonight. God is our Healer...and so much more. When you are sensitive to what God wants you to do and you have the faith that God can use will see amazing things happen.

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