Thursday, March 1, 2012

Countdown to Rekindle 2012

3 days until Rekindle!!!

Rekindle 2011: Session 4 - Men and Maidens by Joe Lechner
 Proverbs 30:18-19 Three things are too wonderful for me; four I do not understand: the way of an eagle in the sky, the way of a serpent on a rock, the way of a ship on the high seas, and the way of a man with a maiden.
  • A Picture of Dating
    • Motive
      • mutual attraction
      • an unconsciously selfish reason - obliviously selfish...self--oriented pseudo-marriage
        • "lets act like we're married and see if we like it"
          • becoming emotionally and physically involved...
          • trial and error is the modern picture of dating
      • What's the point? Why are we dating?
      • Mutual attraction is not sufficient
      • Marriage needs to be on your radar
      • If you aren't ready to get married or think about getting married, then you shouldn't be dating
    • Mind-Set
    • Methodology
  • A Perspective for Dating
    • Motive Transformed
      • A biblical perspective on dating transforms MOTIVE by putting marriage in the picture - in fact, it makes discerning God's will for marriage the primary motivation for dating.
    • Mind-Set Transformed
      • A biblical perspective transforms the MIND-SET of dating by transforming the question from "How can I find the one for me?" to "How can I be the one for her/him?"
        • Instead of evaluating the men/women around you and asking if they are for you - ask yourself: "Am I the sort of girl/guy that a godly man/woman would want to marry in the first place?"
    • Methodology Transformed
      • A biblical perspective transforms the METHODOLOGY of dating so that commitment actually precedes intimacy.
        • Don't allow dating to become a distraction from being a disciple
  • To the guys:
Michael Lawrence (Stop Test-Driving Your Girlfriend) - "In context what Paul primarily has in view is sexual immorality, in which you take from one another a physical intimacy not rightfully yours. But the text also suggests that there are other ways you can take advantage of one another in a dating relationship. And one of the primary ways men do this is to elicit and enjoy all the benefits of unending companionship and emotional intimacy with their girlfriends without ever committing to the covenant relationship of marriage... No one would ever go down to his local car dealership, take a car our for an extended test drive, park it in his garage, drive it back and forth to work for several weeks, maybe take it on vacation, put lots of miles on it, and then take it back to the dealer and say, 'I'm just not ready to buy a new car.' But so often, that's exactly the way men treat the women they're dating. Endlessly 'test driving' the relationship, without any real regard for the spiritual and emotional wear and tear they're putting her through, and all the while keeping their eyes out for a better model."
  • To the girls:
Don't let guys become lazy in their fruit. He needs to have the character before you date and get married. Don't date boys who aren't men. Wait until they are men first. Don't test-drive him either.
  • Some Principles on Dating
    • Humility
    • Patience
    • Accountability
    • A Deep Satisfaction in God
As a last thought about commitment and intimacy...where's the line? What would you do with your brother or sister?

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