Wednesday, April 25, 2012

24-7 Prayer I just spent the last two hours in a tent at Belk Tower at UNCC praying for the campus, the faculty, the students, the city...and everything else in my life that needed prayer. I don't say this to be like "woah I just spent two hours praying *pats self on the back*"...I say this to invite and encourage you to participate. "24-7 Prayer USA is part of an “accidental” international prayer movement that began in September 1999, when a bunch of young people in England got the crazy idea of trying to pray non-stop for a month." So cool right? Well, even better...they've set up an amazing, unique tent right in the center of campus at Belk Tower. They will be there until Friday...I want to encourage you to take some time out of your busy, hectic schedule and go to the quiet refuge of this small little tent. They've got some great activities to help you out if you aren't sure where to start, a cross to nail requests to, a prayer request chain, and so much more! God showed me some things about myself and I am so excited about what he has next for me. I pray that you will all take this opportunity to experience this. If you want to know more, please check out the 24-7 Prayer USA website: and/or follow them on Twitter:!/247prayerusa and/or like them on Facebook:!/247prayerusa. It really struck me while I was praying that I'm sitting here, in a tent, in the middle of a college campus, boldly proclaiming my faith by praying...and all over the world, people can't even gather to meet for church. How blessed am I that I get the opportunity to be bold(and how dumb am I for not taking every single opportunity to share with people)? Anyway, I'm rambling now...but yes...super cool thing, you should totally stop by...hope you all have an amazing you all!

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