Monday, April 23, 2012

An Update

Ever since we got back from Rekindle, we've had some amazing messages at [M28]!! I'm still totally in awe of what God did in all of us while we were there. I've been putting together a 'yearbook' that has each person's story from Rekindle in it...each time I read a story it brings fresh amazement and joy at what took place. Since we returned, we've all just been so hungry for more of God and so we've been covering big topics like The Church, Predestination, Biblical Theology, and much much more. I even pulled out my 200 lb. copy of Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology and have been working my way through that. It's a hunger that cannot be satisfied and a fire that cannot be tamed and it is traveling through [M28] like a wildfire! I'm so excited for this coming Sunday because our Rekindle Band will be playing at our church (CrossWay Community Church) and I'm so excited to give my church family a glimpse of what God did during our worship times. You are more than welcome to visit and experience it for yourself! We also have our annual spring picnic that afternoon! It's gonna be a great day! Anyway, I really do need to catch up on message posts which is what this started out back to the drawing board...or writing board...or...something...

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