Saturday, October 20, 2012

Life lately...

Life. It's crazy busy but so much fun. The last few months have been filled to the max. I've met so many new people, helped lead an open discussion for M28, danced at the Mint Museum, and so much more. Work, M28, and dance...that's pretty much my life. Thought you guys might like a glimpse into what's been keeping me so busy. I'm house-sitting/dog-sitting for my awesome cousins this weekend so I'm hoping to catch up on some writing...fingers crossed! Thanks for being so patient even in the lack of posts lately!

(Photo credits to Jim Sejas, Rodrigo Jimenez, Cassandra Parish, Jebi Nivens and myself)
Photos: L-R
Row 1: Worship at M28, M28 stage, Salsa Social at La Paz, 
Row 2: Salsa on the Streets(x2), 
Row 3: Salsa Social at La Paz, Mint to Move (Latin Dance Social at Mint Museum in downtown Charlotte), Worship at M28,
Row 4: Emily and Shadow, Cleve and us, Jebi and I, The Passion 2013 Roommates(Me, Meagan, Erin, Emily), Me and Skyler, Enrique and I,
Row 5: Me, Jose and us, The best teachers ever(Rudy, Robin, Wendy, Rodrigo), Julio and us, Georgia, Melissa and us

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