Thursday, January 2, 2014

Faces from the Bible

Happy New Year! I hope you can forgive us for failing miserably at posting last year...hopefully this year will be a bit better! To kind of give you a quick update before I get to my post, I'm still interning with M28 and it's still awesome...keeps me busy about 60 hours a week which is why my posting life kind of died...but my internship is over in May so hopefully that'll free up a bit more time for blogging. *crosses fingers*. Em has been busy with school...she made it into the culinary program which is a HUGE accomplishment. We're super excited for her! 

Anyway...this post doesn't really have a point to it I don't think(maybe it will by the end)...I just kind of wanted to share something that's been going through my head for about a month now. I don't know if any of you have ever thought of the Bible as your personal history book. It's hard for me to think of it that way at times. We know the stuff in there really happened and that it's part of history...but have you ever really made the personal connection? Even with American history I have trouble relating to it unless I know for a fact that I have an ancestor who lived during a time period or fought during a war. Have you ever thought about the people in the Bible as your ancestors? The thought had crossed my mind a few times over the years but it never became real to me until about a month ago.

Pharaoh Ramses II of Egypt.
Image Library of Christian
Theological Seminary.
It was about 3am on a Monday morning...I had accidentally fallen asleep Sunday afternoon so of course I was up all night. Thankfully Netflix is awesome for those moments and I found this really cool documentary on Ancient Egyptian mummies. (A little background for you...I studied Ancient Egypt for an entire year when I was in grade school...I've always been interested in mummies specifically but Egyptology as a whole has always peaked my interest.) Anyway...after that came 2 more documentaries...I just couldn't stop watching. But the moment that kinda kicked me in the face was when the Islamic guide in the 3rd documentary stood by the sarcophagus of Ramses II (aka Ramses the Great...aka Moses' brother) and as they removed the lid and Ramses' mummy was revealed, he stopped everyone in the room and said in the most breathless voice I've heard: "Guys, this may be the only face we ever see from the Bible." I had to stop the movie and just stare for a moment. I was looking into a face of a man who grew up with Moses...who had seen the plagues first hand...who built Egypt...who saw God at work. This man was so powerful he kept God's people in slavery for years and then only let them go once his own son was ripped away from him through the Passover. I was sitting there in tears as the Bible became even more real to me. 

That moment has really changed the way I think about the Bible and the people in it. These people we read about were real...they were more than words on a page...they really lived...there's enough proof that even the non-Christian guide was awed by being in the presence of Ramses II. The Bible and the people in it are part of my they lived and what they did paved the way to where we are today. I'd like to challenge you to read the Bible with a new perspective this year...if you've already done this then you're way ahead of me, but that's okay! Get to know the people in the Bible...who they were, where they lived, how they lived, and most God worked in them and through them and around them. God gave us these people to learn from...just as Mary sat at the feet of Jesus, we too can sit at His feet and the feet of those who walked with Him...the feet of those who have been part of God's plan all along. Dig a little deeper this year...take the time to sit at their feet and reflect on God's work in their lives. The more we learn from our past(the Bible), the better equipped we are to share it with others. I hope you guys have a wonderful 2014 and hopefully this will be the beginning of many more posts this year! 

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