Friday, May 23, 2014

Closing the chapter...

Where do I even begin? I've been looking back through some of my old posts here...from my high school days to my first job, from M28 to C4, from dozens of posts to hardly any...this blog has been with me for a long time. Since it's been a while, I figured I'd post some pictures and catch you all up on what life has been like lately.

Our family said goodbye to both of our beloved pets in the last few months...Shadow and Penny. We miss them like crazy and yet somehow, I still cannot convince my parents that we need another pet. (I'll never give up though...)

M28 has wrapped up for the year...and I have said an official farewell to being a part of and serving this campus ministry. It's been a wonderful 6 years with M28 but alas it is time for me to move on. I have gained so many memories and so many friendships that I will treasure for ages!
(Justin, Tyler & I)
(Wesley & Jon)
(Christelle, Turner, Muja, Kendall, Reggie, Becky, Scott, Hannah, & Andrew)
(Kelly & I)
(Becky, Scott, Andrew, Christelle, & Hannah)
(Muja, Christelle, Andrew, Emily, Hannah, Kendall, Turner, Becky, Scott, & Grace)
(Chandler & Becky)

I got my first "real" injury. Still not sure exactly what doctor told me that it was a fracture but the radiologist who looked at my x-ray said it wasn't fractured. So I'm going to guess that I just tore a ligament or something like that. But it put me in this wonderful boot thing for 6 weeks. 

But once I got the boot off...(actually before I was supposed to take the boot off)...I got back on the dance floor! I've been having a blast learning more and more salsa and bachata as well as getting to dance with masters such as Christian Sola, Jay Stylz, and Jeremey Rey. 
(Jeremey Rey & I)
(Me at the Charlotte Salsa Invitational)

My nephews have grown a TON!!! Carter(right) will be 8 in July, Landen(left) will be 6 in August, and Blake(center) just turned 4 a few weeks ago. (Photo courtesy of my lovely sister who never seems to look any older)

My sweet Granny had a mild stroke right before the huge snowstorm this year. Thankfully she's been doing well and is still up to her feisty ways even though she moves a bit slower than she did before.

I chopped off over a foot of my hair...

...and I've finally had time to start reading again!!! (I've read two books already this week)
(The Fault In Our Stars is a FANTASTIC book by the way)

As you can tell, it's been busy the last few months. Friendships, challenges, worship, heartbreak, late nights, laughter, hard work, deep discussions, growth (sometimes painful), fruit, trips, roommate issues, community groups, meetings, interns, planning events, bible studies, book studies, coffee, movie nights, snow days, discipleship, events, prayer, quiet times, tears, loss, blessings, dance, music, books, nannying, children's ministry, and so much more...this last chapter or season of life has been so full. I am super excited to see what God has for me next.

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